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The Beverly Hills High School Advanced DanceTheatre Group gives new meaning to the word homecoming. The Company 2001 has returned to the refurbished K.L. Peters Auditorium to perform their annual concert on January 16, 17,18,19 at 7:30 p.m. This amazing group of dancers is one of the top high school dance companies in the country. The Company has produced many dancers that have gone on to dance in television, films, and music videos, as well as professional dance companies such as Bella Lewitzky, Naomi Goldberg, and ISO. This year's performance is a combination of artistic inspiration and personal reflection.

Artistic Director Janet Roston has drawn on her experience as a mother to choreograph a piece that will have audiences laughing from beginning to end as she explores the ups and downs of pregnancy. The final section of the dance explores the power of family. Three generations of BHHS Dance Company will perform; dance company alumnae with their children, current company members and siblings of members who hope to join the Dance Company in the future.

Following the tradition of including alumni choreographers, Rachael Robbins has returned to choreograph a piece that reflects her interpretations of the four seasons. Ben Levy, another alumni Dance Company member, has also returned to choreograph a piece which utilizes a set and live cello accompaniment. The Company is honored to have as its guest choreographer John Pennington, winner of Los Angeles's premier dance honor, the Horton Award for Outstanding Performer of the Year.

Students are very involved as choreographers for the concert. Senior Schuyler Sorosky's piece journeys into the world of nightmares where only fear is real. Seniors Roberta Berredo and David Oh have taken the tragic events of September 11 to create a piece that not only reflects the pain of that day, but the strength of life. Junior Ryan Weiss has choreographed a large-scale dance with 25 dancers in collaboration with BHHS student composer Kevin Blumenfeld.



Company Roster/Portraits

The Program

NEW! 2002 Concert Photo Page

Guest Choreographers

Production Staff


Natasha Attal - Grade 12 * Roberta Berredo - Grade 12

Ryan Cooper - Grade 12 * Aaron Harvey - Grade 12

Kathryn Ivanova - Grade 10 * Melissa Joseph - Grade 10

Michelle Kaye - Grade 12 * Shelby Kraushaar - Grade 12

Maddy Lasry - Grade 12 * Galit Prince - Grade 12

Alessandra Rizzotti - Grade 11 * Nicol Ruber - Grade 11

Sharone Sayegh - Grade 12 * Dana Shprung - Grade 11

Schuyler Sorosky - Grade 12 * Gabriella Vallone - Grade 11

Ryan Weiss - Grade 11


Orian Ben-Artzi - Grade 9 * Gregory Frances - Grade 10 * Toby Karlin - Grade 11

Robby Nadler - Grade 10 * David Oh - Grade 12 * Nathaniel Smith - Grade 10

Marcus Toji - Grade 12 * Vienna Willems - Grade 10

Heloise Van Eeghan - Grade 9 * Anushe Vafadar - Grade 11

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The Company 2002

On Floor, Natasha Attal; First Row (L to R.) Michelle Kaye, Shelby Kraushaar,
Maddy Lasry, Roberta Berredo, Ryan Cooper; Second Row, Michelle Monsef,
Schuyler Sorosky, David Oh, Marcus Toji;
Third Row, Sharone Sayegh, Galit Prince, Lindsay Tucker

On Floor, Toby Karlin; Second Row (L. to R.) Anushe Vafadar, Dana Shprung, Gabrielle Vallone;
Third Row, Ryan Weiss, Alessandra Rizzotti, Nicol Ruber

First Row (L. to R.) Vienna Williams, Gregory Frances, Kathryn Ivanova, Robbie Nadler;
Second Row, Nathaniel Smith, Mihal Ansik, Diana Oh, Melissa Joseph

Heloise Van Eeghan, Orion Ben-Artzi

Artistic Directors:
(L. to R.) Christy Bolingbroke, Janet Roston, Rachael Robbins

(Company portraits by Alice Kuo * Concert photos by Barry Weiss)


NEW! 2002 Concert Photo Page

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Choreography: Christy Bolingbroke
Music: The Grid
Dancers: The Company 2002

LACMA: 6:12 P.M.
Inspired by the exhibition "Jasper Johns to Jeff Koons:
Four Decades of Art From the Broad Collection"
at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Music: René Aubry  Saxophone: Toby Karlin

The Walk Home - Inspired by the art of Julian Schnabel
Choreography: Melissa Joseph
Dancers: Alessandra Rizzotti, Nicol Ruber, Schuyler Sorosky,
Gabriella Vallone, Heloise Van Eeghan, Ryan Weiss

Bedflower - Inspired by the art of Ross Bleckner
Choreography: Gabriella Vallone
Dancers: Melissa Joseph, Ryan Weiss, Heloise Van Eeghan,
Robby Nadler, Alessandra Rizzotti, Ryan Cooper

Man Wrapped, Nailed, and Clothed - Inspired by the art of Charles Ray
Choreography:  Alessandra Rizzotti
Dancers: Natasha Attal, Ryan Cooper, Gregory Frances, Dana Shprung
Schuyler Sorosky, Melissa Joseph, Gabriella Vallone

"If a man does not keep pace with his companion, perhaps it is because
he hears a different drummer." Henry David Thoreau

Choreography:  Ryan Weiss
Music:  Original Composition, Keven Blumenfeld, Senior BHHS
Society: Orian Ben-Artzi, Ryan Cooper, Lauren Douglas, Talia Eichenbaum
Gregory Frances, Margo Horowitz, Caroline Joseph, Melissa Joseph, Toby Karlin
Erica Laurent, Amanda Leiter, Robby Nadler, Dana Sprung, Nathaniel Smith
Schuyler Sorosky, Anusche Vafadar, Gabriella Vallone, Heloise Van Eeghen, Vienna Willems
Nonconformists: Roberta Berredo, Kathryn Ivanova, Shelby Kraushaar, Alessandra Rizzotti, Nicol Ruber

Choreography:  Bradford Robinson-Mathews
Music: P. Diddy, Fabolous
Dancers: The A.P. Posse: Natasha Attal, Roberta Berredo, Ryan Cooper, Aaron Harvey
Kathryn Ivanova, Shelby Kraushaar, Maddy Lasry, Galit Prince, Sharone Sayegh, Heloise Van Eeghe

Choreography:  Schuyler Sorosky
Music: Roy Shakked  Costumes:  Nirit Lechtman
Dancers: Kathryn Ivanova, Sharone Sayegh, Melissa Joseph, Dana Shprung
Maddy Lasry, Schuyler Sorosky, Galit Prince, Gabriella Vallone, Alessandra Rizzotti, Nicol Ruber

Choreography:  John Pennington
Music:  David Karagianis
Dancers: Natasha Attal, Sharone Sayegh, Roberta Berredo, Dana Shprung
Ryan Cooper, Ryan Weiss, Gregory Frances, Schuyler Sorosky, Kathryn Ivanova
Melissa Joseph, Toby Karlin, Shelby Kraushaar, Maddy Lasry, Robby Nadler
David Oh, Galit Prince, Vienna Willems
INTERMISSION - 2002 Concert Photo Page

Choreography:  Rachael Robbins
Music: Neil Sedaka, Stephanie Pompougnac and Yves Montand, Dominic Bugatti and Frank Musker
Sound Design: David Karagianis Lyric read by: John DiFusco
Dancers: Winter:  Shelby Kraushaar - Spring:  Alessandra Rizzotti
Summer:  Roberta Berredo - Fall:  Kathryn Ivanova
For Michael: My love for all seasons.

Choreography:  Ben Levy
Music composed and performed by Chris Lancaster
Set design and construction by Laura Merage
Dancers: Roberta Berredo, Melissa Joseph, Shelby Kraushaar, Ryan Weiss
The choreographer would like to thank the dancers for their generous contribution to the choreography.

MVP (Most Valuable Posse)
Choreography: Aaron Harvey, Shelby Kraushaar
Music:  Linkin Park, Usher, Fat Joe
Dancers: The A.P. Posse

Choreography:  David Oh, Roberta Berredo
Music:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Rest in Peace, Dear Friends
Bodies: Natasha Attal, Ryan Cooper, Greg Francis, Robby Nadler, Galit Prince,
Sharone Sayegh, Marcus Toji
Souls: Roberta Berredo, Aaron Harvey, Maddy Lasry, Dana Shprung,
Schuyler Sorosky, Gabriella Vallone, Ryan Weiss
Understudy:  Toby Karlin

The Earth Still Turns
Music:  Franz Schubert
Homeless Man: Aaron Harvey - Lonely Woman: Natasha Attal
Couple in Love:  David Oh, Sharone Sayegh
Roberta Berredo/Soloist
Maddy Lasry, Galit Prince, Gabriella Vallone, Ryan Weiss
Dedicated to those lost on 9/11/01

Choreography: Shelby Kraushaar
Music: Lisa Germano
Dancer: Shelby Kraushaar

For Jonathan: 7/28/90
Choreography:  Janet Roston

Preggers (Originally performed by The Company '91)
Music:  Ned Washington
Dancers: The Women of The Company 2002
Special Guests: Lauren Douglas, Talia Eichenbaum, Caroline Joseph, Margo Horowitz
Erica Laurent, Amanda Leiter. Paige Saxby, Lauren Spieller

Babies (Originally performed by The Company '91)
Music: Bobby McFerrin
Dancers: Ryan Cooper, Gregory Frances, Toby Karlin, Robby Nadler
David Oh, Nathaniel Smith, Marcus Toji, Ryan Weiss, Sharone Sayegh, Galit Prince

Family (Premier)
Music:  Andy Monroe
Dancers:  Three Generations of The Company
The Present:  The Company 2002

The Past and Future:

Company Alumnae:
Nell Alano Abrams   Her daughter: Hannah Abrams, Age 11
Kathy Bronte   Her daughter: Jenna Hughes, Age 8
Michelle Berman Kaye   Her daughter: Danielle Kaye, Age 8
Laura Ordin Lahijani   Her daughter: Aliya Lahijani, Age 7

Siblings and More:
Ariel Lasry, Age 11   Erin  Goldman, Age 12   Tali Ruber, Age 10
Lilli Vallone, Age 12   Jonathan Roston Weiss, Age 11

Choreography: Janet Roston
Music: Basement Jaxx
Dancers: The Cast

Guest Choreographer

John Pennington is a Los Angeles based dance artist. His recent choreographic commissions were seen with The Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, LA Solo Festival, and in Santa Barbaraís FIESTA. He is currently creating dances for Rocky Mountain Ballet Theater and Hotchkiss Dance Company. He is honored to be this yearís recipient of three Lester Horton Awards including individual performer of the year in 2000. John danced for 14 years with the Bella Lewitzky Dance Company and continues his association with the Lewitzky Dance Foundation. He has held faculty positions at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University and currently instructs at Pomona College.  He is the recipient of several grants and awards including the Princess Grace Grant and the California Community Foundation Grand for choreography. John would like to thank his cast for a great experience...The Company '02 Rocks!

Alumni Choreographer

Benjamin Levy is a student at UC Berkeley double majoring in Dance and Public Relations and Representation. He graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1998 after having danced in The Company for three years. Since then he has danced professionally and toured nationally with The Bay Area Repertory Dance Company, KIN Dance Company, and Lula Washington Dance Theater. His choreographic work has been honored at UC Berkeley and the American Dance Festival where it was called "one of the most refreshing works of the summer." He would like to thank the dancers for their extraordinary dedication, faith and perseverance, and Janet for welcoming him back to his alma mater.


Chris Lancaster and his cello Lucy emerged from Orange County and are currently working as artists in residence for the Dance Department at Hollins University in Virginia. They have had quite a diverse career together; playing in master classes for Yo-Yo Ma, touring with ex-Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, designing music therapy for blind children, and performing for over 30 dance theater and film scores. He met Ben Levy at the American Dance Festival where Chris is a full time faculty member. Chris is very excited to be working with Ben and other young talented choreographers who will be shaping the face of modern dance in the 21st Century.

A.P. Posse Choreographer

Bradford Robinson-Mathews is currently a student at West Los Angeles College. This is his third year choreographing for The Company. Brad has created hip-hop choreography for M.A.D. Degrees Productionís instructional dance video, "Hip-Hop Habit 4," and recently had his work performed at The Mayan with "Hot Property," a choreography showcase for the KSA Agency. Brad is co-director of the hip-hop performance group "Dimes and Dubs Dance Connection.".

Artistic Director

Janet Roston has worked as a choreographer in a wide variety of media. She has created choreography for numerous commercials including Disney, ABC, Barbie, and Motorola. Television credits include the mini-series "Seduced by Madness" starring Ann-Margret and Peter Coyote, "Ned and Stacey," and "A League of Their Own." Theater choreography includes the recent 20th Anniversary production of "Tracers" and "Avenue X" at the Odyssey Theater (for which she received a Drama-Logue Award), "A...My Name is Alice" and "Bed and Sofa" at the Long Beach Center Theater, and "Nite-Club Confidential" starring Scott Bakula (which won an L.A. Weekly Award for outstanding musical production). Her work as a director includes the National Tour for Nashville recording artists Lonestar and producing and directing the instructional video "Principles of Choreography" which won medals at the New York Film Festival, Houston Film Festival, and Columbus Film Festival. Through her company, M.A.D. Degrees Productions, Janet produces instructional dance videos that are marketed worldwide. This is her 20th year as Artistic Director of The Company. She thanks her extra special participants this year; younger and older, The Company lives on!

Assistant Artistic Director

Rachael Robbins Received her BFA in Dance from Calfornia State University, Long Beach where she performed in works by Martha Graham, Lar Lubavitch, Keith Johnson, and Jeff Slayton.  In 1996 she received the Fine Art Affiliate Scholarship for her solo "Enfold Me in Your Wings." She performed with Naomi Goldberg's L.A. Modern Dance and Ballet and the Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble who performed her choreography in Moscow. Rachael also works professionally as a lighting designer and stage manager. Last year Rachael choreographed "The Music Man" for BHHS.  Rachael was a member of The Company from 1991-93.  She has been Assistant Artistic Director for five years. This year's choreography for The Company is her third as an alumni choreographer.

Assistant Artistic Director

Christy Bolingbroke graduated from UCLA with a BA in Dance in 1999. She was a member of the UCLA Dance Team for two years and graduated from an intensive program at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Academy in New York.  She has performed in works by local choreographers David Rousseve, Ron Brown, and Julie Carson. In addition to choreography and performance Christy has produced many shows including Tiny Banditsí Jesus Christ Superstar, David Rousseve's The Ten Year Chat, and most recently Dan Frootís Shlammer at the Los Angeles Theater Center.  She is in her first term as Board President for the Dance Resource Center of Greater Los Angeles. This is Christy's third year as Artistic Director for The Company.

Special Thanks to:

Sport Fun, California Sunshine, Playboy Sportwear, Karen Feinstock for Bingo Night Prizes, Marilyn Tucker for so many Garage Sales, Jennifer Logan, Alice Kuo, Barry Weiss, Fiona Karlin, The Company Parent Committee, The Performing Arts Department, Pam Kraushaar for your many years as Parent Committee Chairperson.


Artistic Director: Janet Roston
Assistant Artistic Directors:  Rachael Robbins, Christy Bolingbroke
Company Manager: Lindsay Tucker
Publicity Manager: Michelle Monsef
Assistant Publicity Manager: Mihal Ansik
Costume Manager: Diana Oh
Costume Design: Nirit Lechtman
Lighting Design: Rachael Robbins
Technical Director: Annie Terry
Assistant Stage Managers: Evan Barquist, Lizzie Weiss
Set Shift/Prop Director:  Megan Bialek
Fly Master: Shelly Shalev
Set Shift/Fly Crew: Tiffany Brown, Luis Ruiz
Lighting Director: Josh Greenspoon
Light Crew: William Brown, Stephi Efron, Arnold Lesin, Efrat Tsykoriev
Sound Directors: Max Baines, Nora Rahimian
Parent Committee Chairperson: Pam Kraushaar
Poster and Program Design: Jennifer Logan
Poster and Program Photos: Alice Kuo
Audio-Visual Director: Dave Stiles
Concert Program Coordinator: Fiona Karlin


MR. BEN BUSHMAN  Principal
MR. RICHARD MUNITZ  Assistant Principal          
MRS. GAYLA RABIN  Assistant Principal
MR. DAN STEPANOSKY  Assistant Principal


DR. GWEN GROSS             Superintendent
MR. CLAYTON CHAPUT         Deputy Superintendent
MR. W. REX COMER           Assistant Superintendent
MR. JEFFREY  HUBBARD       Assistant Superintendent


MRS. VIRGINA  MAAS          President
MR. BARRY BRUCKER          Vice-President
DR. WILLIAM BRIEN          Board Member
DR. MYRA DEMETER           Board Member
MRS. ALISSA ROSTON          Board Member
MS MICHELLE HALIMI        Student Representative


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